Travel Better and Smarter Australia What to See in Hobart

What to See in Hobart

Hobart is one of the oldest cities in Australia, and whilst it is not a huge town, it surely offers enough to justify a couple of days of exploring. If you like the idea of a walk-able city centred around a harbour with historical neighbourhoods, historical buildings and a fantastic regional vibe get down to Hobart.

Historical Battery Point

One of Hobart’s more esteemed suburbs Battery Point, also contains a high number of heritage buildings. Take a stroll through this suburb and visit these the prestigious houses and gardens. To get a coffee or snack to eat check out Jam Jar Lounge Cafe along with also the Village Cafe.

Salamanca Place

One of the best parts of Hobart is Salamanca Place and Salamanca Square together with all the historical Georgian sandstone warehouses. Eating and drinking at the cafes and bars is among the greatest things to do for lunch in Hobart.

Salamanca Markets

The Salamanca Markets are known as one of Australia’s greatest, the markets are held each Saturday in scenic Salamanca Place. They are basically one long road of vendors selling their merchandise, buskers entertaining and different delectable road foods to experience. This one needs to be definitely in your list of items to do in Hobart.

Historical Harbour

Who doesn’t love a bustling harbour town with waterfront accommodation and Hobart is a gorgeous harbour city to check out and so calm early in the afternoon on a transparent day. Crowd and tourism activity generally peaks in early January when the renowned Sydney to Hobart yacht race takes place.

Museum of Old and New Art

MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) is the destination that revitalised Hobart and placed it on the must visit destination listing of Tasmania through a museum display. The edgy museum has been defined as a “subversive adult Disneyland.” Even if you are not a museum individual normally, MONA is quite an intriguing experience indeed and different in that at times you are part of the adventure as you proceed through it beyond simply the exhibition walls. Among the list of things to do in Hobart this is one of the absolutely must-see mentions on this list.

The Cascade Brewery

The Cascade Brewery is just about Australia’s earliest brewery. Here you can sample their amazing selection of beers and citrus ciders among a beautiful terrace setting. Enjoy a brewery tour and be educated about the brewing process or a legacy tour takes you through the three acres of gardens, that also contains tastings and is acceptable for families and couples alike.


Mount Wellington is among the very popular attractions in Hobart and with great reason. Standing 1270m tall, snow is frequently viewed covering the peaks and the views from the summit are magnificent. At this elevation the skies are often perfectly clear and blue, and you’ll have 360-degree perspectives of surrounding Hobart as far out as the ocean. Wellington Park itself is amazing in its own right, and there are lots of other paths and walking trails at the park where you are able to enjoy the wildlife and the park’s natural beauty. For those searching for more excitement, there are lots of different means to observe the park such as horse riding, biking, four-wheel driving and rock climbing. Whatever way you choose to see Mount Wellington, be certain not to overlook one of the most gorgeous vistas in the country.

Port Arthur Historical Site

No visit to Tasmania is complete without passing through Port Arthur. It is among the most interesting, moving and fascinating places in all of Australia. It has a violent and troubled history as a penal colony for a few of Australia’s hardened convicts is well known, yet it is beauty brings that this contrasting sense of calmness and happiness. Do not overlook the ghost tour. Port Arthur is a drive or boat ride away from Hobart, and you can enjoy excellent views of the surrounding Tasmanian landscape as you make your way upward. For a fascinating day learning about the lifestyles of convicts and Australia’s history, Port Arthur is essential.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Founded in 1818, the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is a 14-hectare site home to several native and historic Tasmanian plants. It has many significant conservation projects as well as housing the world’s just Subantarctic Plant House. The Subantarctic Plant House was built to replicate the climate and landscape of Macquarie Island and stocks flora gathered mainly in the island. Come into the Botanical Gardens to detect and enjoy shrubbery and plants indigenous to Tasmania, and also spend a relaxing afternoon admiring your environment. The gardens are situated on the Queens Domain and can be a simple 25-minute walk out of the centre of Hobart.