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Exploring the East Coast of Tasmania

Tasmania is the highly underrated gem of Australia. Famous for its abundant wildlife and preserved parks, this is an excellent place to escape the noise of everyday life. The east coast of Tasmania is a popular tourist destination, characterized by breathtaking turquoise waters and spectacular rock formations. Here is a review of my time traveling in the East Coast.

Freycinet Peninsula at Coles Bay

Situated 167km from Hobart is The Freycinet Peninsula. It’ll take you just over two hours to arrive by car. The area is brilliant because it is home to a variety of different wildlife; the Tasmanian devil, eastern quoll, pademelon, white-breasted sea eagles & a lot more! There is a variety of walks in the park to enjoy in addition to numerous picturesque areas to research! We urge you base yourself in Coles Bay for a couple nights and be sure that you investigate the highlights of these parks below!

1. Wineglass Bay Walk into the Wineglass Bay Lookout

This stunning little beach is ranked among the ten finest beaches in the world. The trek to the Wine Glass Bay Lookout does require some effort. The walk is about 3km, and we spent approximately 1.5 hours walking to the peak! If walking isn’t your preference, you can always book yourself a helicopter flight around Wineglass Bay. Our very best suggestion here would be to visit at either sunrise or sunset – the views are breathtaking. Wineglass Bay has excellent luxury accommodation, so consider staying for a night.

2. Honeymoon Bay Beach

Honeymoon Bay, as the name suggests, is for the lovers and hopeless romantics. It’s a bay inside the Coles Bay area. This modest and cozy beach is the ideal place for a little bit of comfort or possibly a picnic. People often come here to swim, snorkel, or go birdwatching.

3. Cape Tourville Lookout

The lighthouse is situated in the best vantage point with scenic panoramic views to absorb. Just a 20 minute Freycinet walk will take you to the Cape Tourville lighthouse. The view is unforgettable!

4. Sleepy Bay and Gravelly Beach

We loved our short little walk in Sleepy Bay and Gravelly Beach. The walk will take you about 20-30 minutes and will take you beyond some fantastic East-Coast lookouts for some ideal picture chances! The walk is steep, but it’s a must do!

5. The Risks

The magnificent pink granite peaks of the Risks stand high over the peninsula and the iconic Wineglass Bay. These peaks are among the most photographed places from the Freycinet National Park. The ideal time to capture a photo is at sunset. After you’ve soaked in the sun, head onto the pink granite watch it illuminate in the rays of light.

6. The White Sands of the Friendly Beaches

Whilst the Friendly Beaches are in reality located within the Freycinet National Park, it is only about a 15 minute drive from Coles Bay. Our best tip if you’re short for time is to park your car at Isaacs Point and find a spot to witness the stunning view over the Friendly Beaches from above! The combination of the turquoise sea with the white sand is a beautiful combination that can’t be denied!

7. Bicheno

Bicheno appears to be a remarkably popular holiday destination in Tasmania. It’s a stunning tiny little seaside city! It is possible to learn more about the water on several different Glass Bottom Boat excursions, or why don’t venture out to find the stunning little penguins!

We did not remain in Bicheno for quite long since we had two goals for our pit stop here. First and foremost, we had to fill our bellies with meals and Bicheno is well known for its selection of cafes and restaurants.

Our next action was to go and take a look at the Bicheno Blowhole. We had to wait about for a while since the blowhole can be quite random in its activity; be certain you allow yourself sufficient time at Bicheno before driving to another destination. Bicheno is a town that we saw a future in later in life. We looked at online properties for sale and found some affordable prices to work towards.

8. Bay of Fires

This enchanting place has been declared the most popular travel destination in Tasmania by Lonely Planet in 2009. This is the other area we searched property for sale, as it is such an amazing and peaceful location. The Bay of Fires stretches roughly 50km; beginning from Binalong Bay at the South into Eddystone Point from the North. A number of the stones are coated with bright orange lichen, which at the bright daylight generates the most glorious visual spectacle. Throw in the comparison of those orange stones contrary to the clearest, most beautiful turquoise sea water and you’ve found heaven!