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Themed Boutique Hotels

Themed resorts often danger sacrificing comfort for novelty. But thanks to few visionaries, these establishments have achieved the ideal balance.

It is difficult to pull off a well-themed resort. Inherent in the idea is the probability of focusing too much on your own topic and not enough on your visitors. Some resorts, nevertheless, have managed to balance both aspects. Look no farther than the illustrations under — the ardent visionaries behind those resorts have their own priorities in order, and are heartbroken if their parties were accountable for less than the outstanding guest experience.

1. The Press Hotel, Maine, USA

As its name implies the Press Hotel is newspaper-themed. If a stylish hotel with classic journalist-inspired decoration appears to be a notion ripe for Portlandia-fashion satire, book judgment for a minute and consider two items. To begin with, we are discussing another Portland — that the east-coast Portland, the largest city in Maine. And next, the area is steeped in actual paper history. Situated in the Old Port area, the corner building functioned as the headquarters of Portland’s Press Herald in 1923-2010. Now it is a 110-room resort, a part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection.

As anybody who has been to Vegas can attest, it is hard to pull off a motif resort whilst keeping a certain amount of sophistication. However, the Press Hotel manages it. Some aspects of the planning scheme may have appeared a bit-on-the-nose — that the beams in black slate and white marble, motivated by newsprint, for example, or even the typefaces that resemble the fonts of a classic typewriter — although the appearance is so slick, along with the idea so well-executed, it works. Guest rooms have been modeled after 1920s-era newsroom offices, complete with retro author’s desks, seeded glass doors and sleek white Frette sheets which, if you would like to actually get in the motif, call to mind clean sheets of newspaper. Technology, of course, has come a long way as the golden era of science fiction: every guest room has free wi-fi, a large TV, and several docking stations so that you may charge all of your cellular devices at the same time.

In the event the resort’s laid out just like a masthead, low-level reporters would remain in the Superior Double with City perspective, along with also the publication belongs at the very best. The Penthouse Suite, in reality, occupies the exact same area that once held the writer’s offices: along with a rooftop deck with sweeping views of Munjoy Hill and Casco Bay, the package includes a fireplace and another dining room. There is also a variety of printed craft artworks which you can check on their web site beforehand.

2. Hotel Cycle, Hiroshima, Japan

Only in Japan could a themed resort so over-the-top come out atmosphere just perfect. At a place as jaded as New York or London that the Hotel Cycle would land with a thud. But in Japan, there is nothing trendy about cynicism — here, trendy means complete dedication and total commitment. And Hotel Cycle is nothing if dedicated to its own theme.

On Hiroshima’s newly redeveloped waterfront, at the Onomichi U2 mixed-use complicated, you do not have to measure your pedals off — you can ride into this darkened area, which comprises not only the resort but a cafe, a pub, a café, and a bakery, in addition to a mini bike store and a retail area devoted to local meals, clothes, and housewares.

Just like its website design, the layout of the hotel is quite simple and airy. The building’s interior retains some warehouse air, using its double-height ceiling along with its own elevated paths. However, the chambers temper their industrial roots with natural heat, and they are effective, as you would expect, complete with hooks for hanging up your bike out of their way.

And you are not restricted to Onomichi U2, not by a long shot. The main reason this resort is here is your Shimanami Kaido cycle route, which joins Japan’s islands of Honshu and Shikoku through six smaller islands and various bridges. It 1is a simple ride, as these things go, and unexpectedly scenic — here’s hoping it is a style of travel that grabs on.


3. The Henry Jones, Hobart, Australia

Located inside the earliest waterfront warehouses in Hobart, the Henry Jones Art Hotel is Australia’s first dedicated artwork resort. The resort opened in 2004 and has been bought by Federal Group in 2008. Using its prime beachfront location and effortless accessibility to all of Hobart’s attractions, the Henry Jones Art Hotel provides an unparalleled experience of town.

The Henry Jones website dates back to 1804 and takes its name from the famous past because of the place of one of Australia’s most prosperous firms — Henry Jones IXL Jams. History tours are available for booking at the hotel. The tour weaves through the resort covering the resort’s rich history and present works of art. Having an Art Curator and more than 400 pieces of art exhibited both across the public areas and behind the closed doors of rooms and suites, the resort invites guests to go through the property within an exhibition room with ever-changing artworks. The Hobart accommodation also supplies history tours of this resort and Hobart city. The tour provides a rich exploration of Hobart’s past in the very first times in 1804 and the colorful tales of Sir Henry Jones along with the Henry Jones & Co Jam Factory to now.

4. Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, USA

You do not need to become a professional basketball player to enjoy the hardwood package in the Palms, but in the event that you’re, then that is the area for you. Hardwood package covers 10.000 square feet and can be overlooking the flamingo. Along with this basketball court, digital scoreboard and extra-long beds, there is also a locker room which can be filled upon request with custom basketball uniforms and/or cheerleading outfits — hell, you may even get your cheerleaders if that is what you desire.

As a rule of thumb, most particular requests will probably be pleasantly filled from the resort staff. The two-story package, that has a complete bar in addition to lots of space to get a DJ booth, is as ideal for partying as it’s to playing matches. It can get expensive, so be ready to spend more than you would normally spend at regular hotels, but the experience of playing in an indoor basketball court, next to your bedroom, in a basketball jersey that you design, is all worth it.