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Common timber found in Australia

Common timber found in Australia

Many durable and beautiful timbers exist in Australia, and it is largely due to rich natural resources in the country. Due to the rich presence of timber, architecture and design have lots of variety. From making frameworks to a timber feature wall, timber has undoubtedly been a crucial part in  Australian architecture. In this article, we will talk about the main types of timber used in Australia. There may be different types of timber, but in the following list, some native Australian timbers have been described. Their colour, textures, and qualities reflect their richness and flexibility. 


Jarrah is one of the durable timbers present in Western Australia. The dense resources of this timber are found in the southwest corner of Western Australia. Its use is mainly in commercial hardwood work because of its durability and high appeal. The wood is taken from the tree that is a slow-growing tree, and the harvesting of Jarrah is possible on a limited scale. It comes in soft salmon pink and reddish-brown tones. The quality of Jarrah is its high density that is 15 per cent higher than oak. It is difficult to burn unless exposed to constant fire. Its unique quality makes it suitable for use in commercial buildings and recycled form. 

Spotted Gum: 

It is not the name of one tree, but it represents four species of trees grown in northeast Victoria and Queensland. The most suitable area is on the east coast of Australia. It comes in pale grey-brown, softly creamy, and dark brown colours. It is a high-quality timber that is tough. It cannot burn easily, and experts consider it suitable in bushfire prone areas. Its use in outdoor and indoor furniture is numerous because it has guaranteed success. Engineers and constructors value this timber very much, and it is available in the natural climate of Australia. 

Common types of timber found in Australia


Areas of Blackbutt timber are New South Wales and southern Queensland. This timber is versatile and well in quick growth. It is the plantation timber. It comes in different colours, including pale brown and a slight tinge of pink. Various qualities make it a good option to be used in construction. It is also a tough wood that does not catch fire instantly, suitable for bushfire prone areas. Prominent uses of the timber include building framework, flooring, decking, and timber cladding. Users can polish or paint it as well, but its natural colour and look are more attractive and durable. 

Brush Box: 

It is a medium to a large-sized tree grown in the rainforest areas of New South Wales and Queensland. It comes in pale pinkish grey and reddish-brown colours. It is also a dense tree that is hard enough to bear harsh effects on it. Its uses are similar to the ones discussed above, including cladding, flooring, and panelling. However, it may be used for framing and laminating beams. 

Grey Ironbark: 

It is a high-quality premium timber found in Australia. Indigenous Australians have been using it for their various uses that show the usefulness of the timber. Regions suitable for it include northern New South Wales and Queensland. They are also found in different patches towards the north. It comes in dark brown and reddish-brown colours. It is also a hard and durable type of timber that has many uses in residential and commercial buildings. Its durability makes it a good option to be used in high traffic areas because it does not affect too much.

The above discussion names some of the durable and beautiful timbers found in Australia. The good thing about them is that they are native Australian timbers. Their qualities and durability show that Australia has a rich resource in this area. It is the time for constructors, town developers, and engineers use the best timber for their projects. No doubt, Australia is rich in its native timbers.